Tree Transplanting and Preservation Consultant in Lake Worth, FL

When it comes to caring for your trees, no landscaper or tree trimmer can match the expert insight of a tree transplanting and preservation consultant in Lake Worth, FL. At Sutton Consulting Arborist, Inc., our expertise is what sets us apart. We leverage decades of hands-on experience to ensure we’re giving you a complete understanding of your trees, woody plants and landscaping—everything they need to grow healthy and thrive.

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Tree Solutions

More than just advising on proper nutrient plans or maintenance, our abilities span everything having to do with the greenery on your landscape. Whether you’re trying to add value to a property, need to engineer better irrigation or are dealing with blight and are focused on the long-term wellness of plants, we can help.

Our abilities include:

  • Hurricane preparedness and restoration
  • Landscape code violations and meeting regulations
  • Mitigation
  • Permitting
  • Value engineering
  • Warranty issues
Consulting Arborist

Tree Transplanting and Preservation Consulting

For your trees specifically, we offer a broad scope of tree transplanting and preservation consulting in Lake Worth, FL. Trees are the root of our business, and we know everything there is to know about properly caring for them. We can advise you on proper nutrition, diagnose potential issues, recommend specific maintenance, advise on relocation and even establish essential protection and preservation programs. We’re here to keep your trees healthy and beautiful, so your property benefits.

  • Cultural and pruning programs
  • Diagnosis of insect pest, disease, nutritional and cultural disorders for woody plants
  • Nutrient management programs
  • Oversight of tree planting, pruning and relocation
  • Pest management programs
  • Tree protection and preservation programs
Consulting Arborist

Woody Plants and Landscape Consulting

Beyond just your trees, we offer complete woody plants and landscape consulting to ensure your property is lush and verdant. Let us help you control issues of erosion through proper irrigation, inspect and report on problematic areas, advise on maintenance plans, provide plant appraisals and provide you with a plan for ongoing preservation of your various plants.

  • Irrigation management
  • Landscape health and condition inspections with written reports
  • Oversight and coordination of contractors performing landscape projects
  • Review and recommendations for landscape planning and design
  • Tree and landscape appraisals
  • Written specifications on landscape planting, care and maintenance
Consulting Arborist

Consulting Arborist

Take Care of Your Greenery

Don’t let your greenery go brown or your beautiful plants wither away! If you’re having issues with the foliage on your property or need advice on how to ensure your landscape thrives, give Sutton Consulting Arborist, Inc. a call today at 561-493-3310.

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