March 10, 2020

"Was really impressed with the detailed phone consultation today. John evaluated the condition of my avocado tree based on the images I submitted over the phone and was able to put together a complete picture for me. Really knowledgeable guy and, more importantly, willing to share this knowledge and expertise with customers, even in a phone consult format. I will be sure to use John's on-site tree care services in the near future as well."
March 18, 2019

"John Sutton, thank you so much for sharing your tree expertise with me today. Its a joy and so refreshing to speak with a professional who is willing to take the time to explain details to the average person. I learned so much from you like native tree species, tree trimming tips and root systems. I have always loved trees, not quite as much as John has, but now I have a better understanding of what it takes to keep trees happy and healthy. And guess what else I learned? Trees communicate with each other!! Fascinating!! I will "leaf" it at that!! "
August 3, 2018

big pompano

"As an ISA certified arborist myself and seeing Sutton Consulting in action at locations involving specimen trees, I have to admit that he is an outstanding credit to the industry. Jeffrey Fish; ISA Certified Arborist."
June 3, 2018

Alia Fetters

"He knows his trees!! Honest and very professional. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my investments."
March 19, 2017

Armando Nunez

"John is one of the BEST !!!! Every time i have used his service always been very satisfied !!!!"
Sutton Consulting Arborist, Inc.