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The following is a brief list of the many tree, landscape and turfgrass consulting services that we provide:
Health & Condition inspections with written reports

Diagnosis and recommendations
Accurate diagnosis of plant, turf, and tree problems is the key to providing lasting and sustainable solutions.  As time goes on, more harsh pesticides that have been used for decades are being phased out and replaced by newer chemistries that are less damaging to humans and the environment.  Many of these newer products have a narrower spectrum of activity, therefore accurate diagnosis of problems is more critical than ever.
We have diagnostic experts including a Doctor of Plant Medicine (DPM) on staff that can identify diseases, insect pests, nutritional and cultural problems, and prescribe the best treatment options.  We encourage folks to have their trees inspected and evaluated periodically.  We’re able to spot early signs of stress in trees by evaluating leaves, limbs, trunks, roots, and other factors.  Many problems can be detected and solved in their beginning stages.  We recognize that most tree owners simply don’t have the experience or background to spot problems with trees when they first occur.  We’re here to help.  If you have any concerns or questions about a tree, don’t hesitate to call us.  We can come out and do an evaluation of the tree and educate you as to what needs to be done to improve its health.

Pest and Disease Management Programs
With so many new products becoming available for pest and disease management, it takes more skill than ever to develop effective pest and disease management programs.  After making a diagnosis and correcting any underlying factors that may be contributing to a pest or disease problem, we can prescribe a treatment program to manage the problem at hand. Recommendations may include systemic, contact, or biorational pesticides.  Biorationals are derived from a variety of biological sources (bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa) as well as chemical analogues of naturally occurring biochemicals such as pheromones and insect growth regulators (IGRs).  They are effective and more environmentally sound than traditional pesticides.   
Treatment methods may include granular, root drench, foliar spray, ultra-low volume spray (ULV) or trunk injection.
We can develop both preventive and curative programs to protect your landscape investment in plants, turf and trees.

Palm Tree - Health Programs
Palm trees are a Florida favorite – the essential tropical image in area landscapes.  Palms have more precise nutritional requirements than most plants, thus require specialized nutrient management programs
There are many detrimental diseases and insect pests that attack the 36 species of palm trees in Florida, many of which are preventable.  Saving these palm trees is easy and inexpensive compared to the high cost of having to replace dead palms.  Sutton Consulting Arborist has a specific health program designed to ensure the health of your palm trees that includes a fertility program and periodic preventive fungicide and insecticide applications.
Written Specifications for planting, maintenance and relocation

Nutritional Programs
Fertilizing trees promotes more rapid growth, faster recovery from injury, stress, and pest and disease problems when done right.  We can evaluate your trees and formulate a fertilization program based on the age and type of trees you have, environmental conditions, and time of year along with the existing nutritional status, composition and chemistry of the soil. Applications may include granular, liquid foliar, or deep root injection depending on the nutritional status, stress level, and whether treatments are curative or part of routine maintenance.  Proper fertilization done on a consistent basis is an important part of the health and well-being of your trees.

  • Planning and design
  • Appraisals
  • Assistance with permitting and code violations
  • Damage mitigation
  • Warranty issues
  • Expert Witness
  • Value engineering

Lightning Protection
Central Florida is infamous for being one of the lightning capitals of the world.  During certain times of the year, severe lightning storms can be a daily occurrence.  When a tree is struck by lightning, an inspection should take place immediately by a Certified Arborist to determine if it has suffered any long-term structural damage or health-related problems due to the strike.  Sadly, trees damaged by lightning sometimes need to be removed.  Don’t hesitate to call us immediately if one of your trees is struck by lightning. We will do a thorough evaluation of the tree and advise you on what needs to be done.

Cavity Repair
Cavity treatment is an exacting process that if done incorrectly can shorten the life of a tree.  The hard rim of tissue surrounding the decayed wood must not be broken or decay could spread to the wood produced after the initial injury.  A Certified Arborist can evaluate the tree cavity to assess the extent of the damage and determine what needs to be done to insure the health of the tree and its structural integrity.
Sutton Consulting Arborist is your quality assurance liaison bringing professionalism, experience and science-based knowledge to any tree or landscaping project.  We can coordinate and oversee any size project from start to finish with your preferred contractors or through our wide network of contractors.  Having Sutton Consulting Arborist on your side will assure your project is completed to top quality standards for long term success.

We offer our expertise in organizing and overseeing the following services:

Tree Protection & Preservation Tree Relocation
24 Hour Emergency Tree ConsultationSutton Consulting Arborist's Experts offers 24-hour rapid response to those with trees affected by storms of any kind.  Our specialty is to appraise damages and supervise the care of damaged trees.   Over the past two decades, we have responded to storm emergencies throughout Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, West Virginia and other states  for various wind, ice and snowstorm events.     Sutton Consulting Arborist's Experts are often among the first responders to arrive on the scene of emergency tree situations, and more often than not, we are the last to leave.  

Tree Trimming & Pruning
There are many different tree trimming methods to meet various objectives for different species of trees, and for how you want your trees to grow.  We’ll do a thorough inspection of your trees and give you an assessment as to what types of pruning needs to be done.

Trees are best pruned over time starting at an early age, especially those that need to maintain structure and clearance.  The large branches of mature trees can be more challenging to train and are not as forgiving of mistakes.  If our tree inspection indicates that a tree should be pruned to aid in the health of the tree or for other safety concerns, we’ll tell you what needs to be done.  We can write pruning specifications and manage the tree maintenance work to ensure that it is done correctly.

Sutton Consulting Arborist ensures that all trimmed and cut material resulting from contracted work is hauled away so that the worksite is left in the same or better condition than before the job started.  This is one reason our clients recommend us to others.  We take pride in a job well done and it shows.

Hazard or Exotic/invasive Tree Removal
We provide competent oversight of contracted tree removal services.  If you have a tree or trees that need to be removed for any reason, we can supervise the removal so that it is done quickly, safely and properly.  For trees that are encroaching on buildings, power lines, decayed or structurally unsound, we will do a thorough evaluation of the tree in question and the site surrounding it and advise you on what options are available and the best course of action before any removal is done.

Cabling & Bracing
Cabling and bracing are techniques used in the care of aging trees primarily to restrict movement of specific branches on trees with defects.  In Florida where hurricanes and strong tropical storm winds are not uncommon, identifying trees at risk and performing the necessary cabling and bracing can be extremely important to prevent trees from becoming serious safety hazards.   We perform thorough evaluation of aging and potentially hazardous trees to determine the best course of action before recommending any bracing or cabling techniques.  

Stump Grinding
In addition to enhancing your property’s appearance, the proper removal of stumps is important because they can harbor diseases or attract insects  that could spread to other healthy trees or plants.  After grinding the stump below the surface, the area should be cleaned by removing the debris.  If you’re replanting a tree, we suggest moving the new tree a good distance away from the former stump.

Root & Lawn Barrier
Installation of root barriers made of 50% recycled plastic that act as mechanical barriers to redirect root growth of trees downward away from curbs, sidewalks and roads. The simple interlocking panel design is used to redirect roots away from hardscapes that roots tend to damage. They’re also used as landscape borders.

Aerating & Over-seeding

Aerating can help stimulate root development and improve the overall health of your trees, grasses and other plants.  Over-seeding can help create denser turf and help reduce weeds.

Complete Debris Removal

Homeowners and property managers are always concerned about how their landscape is left after a tree or landscape service job has been done. At Sutton Consulting Arborist's Experts, we leave our jobsites looking pristine.

All trimmed and cut material is hauled away. We take the time to leave a spotless environment. Debris removal and cleaning each jobsite is an essential part of our services and something we are very proud of. It’s another important reason why our clients recommend us to others. We care about the quality of work we do and it shows. This includes how your landscape looks after we leave.


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